Mutamula Mwale

& Tribe of Judah

Welcome to the Sound of Judah

Judah means praise. When we release the sound of worship, we cause the atmosphere to change. And in an atmosphere charged with God's glory, all things are possible.

Upcoming Shows

Northmead Church
Living Waters, Kalingalinga
Maranatha, Kitwe

Date to be determined


Tribe of Judah comprises 10 amazing blessed singers. The group was put together by Mutamula Mwale to create a dynamic sound for the Judah Sound album. The groupd is made up of 7 gifted ladies by the names of:

Priscilla Mwale(Wife and Executive Producer),
Gracious Mwale(Sister),
Anita Mwale Mwanza(Sister),
Waicha Mwale(Sister),
Mazuba Phiri,
Deborah Mubita,
Trinah Chisanga

and the Brothers Annointed:

Portiphar Ngoma,
Munsaka Warren Shambweka
Nathan Siwale.

Special mention goes to band comprising of:

Sheba Chintu (bass),
Elvie Ndjeka(bass),
Mapalo Mapalo(keyboard),
Mutamula Mwale(keyboard and lead vocals),
Isreal Kaputula(guitar),
Sir Jones(guitar),
David Andish(guitar),
Kasonde Sunkutu(drums)

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